Dev Arena Football debuts its inaugural 2021 season. We will simulate indoor arena style football as much as possible, with local facilities dictating playing variations.

League. Dev Arena Football (DEVAF) is a non-professional indoor arena football league that exists to promote players and to assist them in securing either a college scholarship or professional contract. DEVAF also affords athletes the opportunity to compete in an indoor arena football environment.

Teams. Teams have a playing roster cap of 30 players. The last regular season game freezes the playing roster. All teams should have matching uniforms as we are filming games. There are no team franchise fees for 2021.

Players. Players must be age 17+, have completed their high school senior year of eligibility, and not have signed either a current college scholarship or professional contract. Players are not paid a salary at the developmental level. All players are required to register with the league and be on the game roster with their birth name and jersey number for each game. There are no player fees for 2021.

Coaches. Coaches are required to register with the league.

Staff. League and team staff are required to register with the league.

Officials. The league requires a minimum of three officials per game; a referee, an umpire, and a line judge. The home team hosting the game will be required to pay the officials the established fee before the game begins. There is a strict 7-day game cancellation policy to avoid paying officials fees.

Games. Games will be scheduled as the league develops on a staggered basis. When each team plays all assigned opponents, the season will be concluded. Teams who cancel or no-show a game within 7-days of a scheduled game are required to pay DEVAF a cancellation fee of $350 within 24-hours. Failure to do so will result in removal from the league and forfeitures assigned to the remaining games.

Playoffs. There will be a bowl-series playoff after the season is completed, using either a single or double elimination format (TBD). In order to help the league grow, outside teams may be invited to participate in the bowl-series. There will be a bowl champion and an all-star team named at the conclusion of the bowl-series.

Superlatives. There will be some; more on this later in an update.

Venues. The D1 training facilities in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Franklin, Tennessee have all agreed to host DEVAF arena football games. Players are allowed in the locker room 30-minutes prior to start time; and are not allowed on the field until start time begins. Practice “leave no trace,” leaving the venue better than you found it. No drug or alcohol use in and around the facility. No outside food allowed. Although it can be used to dress before the game, players must stay out of the women’s bathroom during the game.

Uniforms. Players must wear at least thigh pads in their pants. Jerseys will not be rolled up under shoulder pads where the number is obscured. Jerseys must have a number displayed.

Rules of Play.

No coaches on the field sidelines or the defensive backfield; only one offensive coach 10-yards behind the Referee.

No cursing on the field or sidelines.

8-players on the field, per side. Substitutions are allowed.

Kickoff. There is no kickoff. Teams start from the goal line.

Offense requires 4 men on the line of scrimmage. Offensive Linemen may be in a 2-point stance. If an OL is eligible for a pass, he must raise his hand.

Two offensive backs may go in motion before the snap.

If the football bounces off the ceiling or wall, it is still in play.

Extra point conversions are 2-points from the 5-yard line; and 1-point from the 2.5 yard line.

Punting. There is no punting.

Defense requires 3 down linemen in either a 3- or 4-point stance.

Linebackers. Only one Linebacker may blitz through the A-gap. No outside blitzing.